The Eulenburg Museum welcomes you to its English online pages.

Our English version provides fewer details than the German one, but we hope this account will give you an impression of our museum and we look forward to welcoming you soon! Located within the former town walls of Rinteln, the Eulenburg Museum presents changing special exhibitions combined with a permanent display of five different topics:

The persecution of witches in the Weser area

Prehistory and early history of the district Schaumburg      

History of the town and the fortress of Rinteln

History of the university in Schaumburg from 1621 to 1810

The countryside around the Weser 

The history of the Eulenburg Museum

The Museum of the former university and fortress town emerged from an antiquities collection of the 19th century and opened in 1908. It has been maintained by the local history club of the County of Schaumburg ever since. Today, the museum is headquartered in the historic building of the Eulenburg, a city court of the monastery in Möllenbeck from the 16th century. From 1651 until the 19th century it served as a seat of Government and Parliament building for the Hessian County of Schaumburg. After a renovation involving an exhibition agency, the museum re-opened in the year 2000, presenting itself in a modern design.In 2007 the Eulenburg received the Museum award from the State of Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation for a municipal museum with an honorary sponsorship and it has been certified according to the criteria of the ICOM International Museum Association as one of the first German museums.

By the way:

Rinteln has a long-standing historical connection to the English-speaking world. It was the Rinteln Regiment of Hessian soldiers that was garrisoned at Trenton when Washington famously crossed the Delaware in December of 1776.  The Eulenburg´s permanent collection includes an officer´s diary from this time period. Our temporary exhibits explore our changing world and have included subjects from jukeboxes to woolly mammoths to modern caricatures. 

Rinteln is located in the heart of fairy tale country, amid the real-life locations where fairy tales originated, and where the Brothers Grimm recorded them. Hamlin of pied-piper fame is a short train ride away for example.  And Rinteln is no stranger to tall tales. The infamous Baron Münchhausen often stayed on his property in Rinteln. Discover your own stories through our history at the Eulenburg. 

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday 14: 00-17: 00

For groups by appointment we also open the museum in the morning or in the evening.Open Easter Monday, Whit Monday, December 25th, 26th  

How to reach us:

Die Eulenburg. Museum Rinteln

Klosterstraße 21, D-31737 Rinteln, Telephone: 0 57 51/ 41 197

Die Eulenburg. Museum Rinteln.